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Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation launched

Leica GeoSystems has announced the launch of the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, which has been described as “revolutionary”.

It is the first device ever to include the most sophisticated total station technology with 3D laser scanning, imaging and GNSS. It offers powerful laser scanning functions to professionals such as land surveyors, plant surveyors, construction managers, BIM professionals and public safety organisations, amongst others.

Using a familiar workflow process, users of the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation are able to capture 3D items and create a point cloud to identify real-time data such as volumes, minimum and maximum distances and spatial orientation. Scan data does not need to be registered as images and scans are synchronised automatically and tied to total station measurements.

A statement from Leica GeoSystems explains more, saying, “The ability to switch between total station measurement, laser scanning and GNSS positioning as needed provides maximum flexibility. Users can collect and visualise topographic survey data with detailed, high-precision scans. They can save time by checking data for integrity and relevance right in the field, thereby avoiding costly rework or returns. This allows users to benefit from better decisions with access to more detailed data when and where they need it.”

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