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Leica C5 is versatile, entry-level laser scanner

The new Leica Geosystems ScanStation C5 Laser Scanner is a compact and scalable addition to the brand's portfolio of surveying equipment, that provides the renowned Leica quality scan data at a significantly reduced cost of scanner ownership.

The device is likely to appeal to charitable and amateur organisations that want to enter into laser scanning, as well as other construction businesses that are looking to add laser scanning to their list of capabilities.

The C5 works on a fully-integrated cable-less system, designed to suit even the most inexperienced of surveyors. There is an easy-to-learn onboard interface with high-resolution, colour touch screen and integrated, high-resolution zoom video. It also comes with laser plummet and tribrach mount and interfaces that allow it to be connected with standard survey accessories such as TPS batteries, total station prisms - and even the Leica GPS SmartAntenna.

The model can also be incrementally upgraded as the demands and capabilities of the surveyors using it progress. It scans the Leica Geosystems user support system to take on board more applications and sites as they are launched.

Product manager at Leica Geosystems, Hans Teuxsen, said, "From a value, productivity and data quality standpoint, the Leica ScanStation C5 is ideal for organisations wanting to get into scanning."

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