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Leica Viva CS15 SmartPole Package (GSM/GPRS)

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Leica SmartPole
Leica SmartPole saves time in both the office and the field. No longer is it necessary to first measure orientation points and only then detail points. Simply begin the survey and conduct the setup On-the-Fly whilst completing the survey. Once the TPS orientation and coordinates are known, all measured points are automatically updated.

Package Includes:
767871   1  CS15 TPS/GNSS Field Controller with Internal TPS radio module
767874   1  CBC01. Lemo Connector module with Power jack, Lemo (USB&Serial) & USB A
767907   1  SPF01. Anti - glare display foils for CS10 or CS15 field controller
767909   1  SmartWorx Viva license key
767877   1  GHT61. Hand strap for CS10 and CS15 field controller
767879   1  GHT62, Pole holder base plate for CS10 and CS15 field controller.
767880   1  GHT63, Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT39/56/62 holder to all poles.
772806   4  GEB212, Lithium Ion battery, 7.4V / 2.6Ah, chargeable
772300   1  RH15 Radio Handle with Integrated Modem
771503   1  GS15 Performance Receiver
767805   1  LOP2, GLONASS option
767823   1  SLG1, 5-Band (850/900/1800/1900/2100 Mhz) Telit 3G GSM/GPRS
767828   1  GVP642, Hard container for GS15 SmartAntenna and CS15/CS10  field controller.
767906   1  CCS01, Docking station for CS10/CS15
773755   1  GEV235-3, AC/DC-adapter UK power supply
6003732 1  1 yr Viva GNSS (GS10/15+CS+SW) D. P. Basic CCP

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  • Model: 6004178
  • Manufactured by: Leica

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