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GPS/TPS PC Software

Construction Data Manager

Construction Data Manager v5.1.2 (ZIP 4.09MB)

Leica Geo Office

Leica Geo Office v8.3 (ZIP 174MB)
[Please note a license will be required to activate - contact us for pricing]
LGO Software Licensing (PDF 3.56MB)
LGO v8.3 Online Help (PDF 7.03MB)
Leica Design to Field Importers v3.9 (ZIP 39.11MB)

Leica Geo Office v7 (ZIP 130MB)
Leica Geo Office v7.01 Patch (ZIP 643KB)
Allows Viva antenna range to be imported into LGO v7

LGO Antenna Phase Centre Values (PCV) including Leica AR25 - 06/01/2009
LGO v7 Help Documentation (PDF 10MB)

Design To Field Converters Install Application (v3.6 ZIP 39MB)
Design To Field Converters Install Application (ZIP 35MB)
For use with LGO v7 only.
Installation Program to install the required data converters for the Design to Field component of the LGO application.

Data converters for importing data in the following formats may be installed using this installation program:
DXF, MX / Moss, InRoads, Bentley LandXML, VIPS, Avance, Cartomap, Ispol / Istram, Clip, Modelo Digital, Multipiste, REB, SDR, SierraSoft, TCP, Trazado.

Leica Geo Office Tools v6.01 (ZIP 51.44MB)

Applications in CADD - n4ce

n4ce Survey Fact Sheet (PDF 2.46MB)
n4ce Lite Fact Sheet (PDF 2.09MB)
n4ce Professional Fact Sheet (PDF 3.20MB)
n4ce Designer Fact Sheet (PDF 2.21MB)

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

Microsoft Mobile Device Center 6.1

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