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Leica GS12 GNSS RTK Rover

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Compact and integrated GNSS RTK Rover.

GNSS Sensors and Accessories

GS12 GNSS SmartAntenna
Geodetic 120 channel GNSS receiver, includes GPS L1 + L2, 1 Hz position rate, easily upgradeable with CS/GS12 software options (e.g. Glonass, Gallileo, GPS L5, Network RTK, Raw data logging ...)

CS15 3.5G Field Controller. Ruggedized WinCE field controller with full VGA touch display, 1GB NAND Flash Memory, 512MB SDRAM, CF/SD card slot and 2MP camera. Includes Bluetooth, internal WLAN module, 3.5G GSM/UMTS module, QWERTY keypad, stylus. Available with either Lemo connector (CBC01) or DSUB connector module (CBC02). 1
CBC01. Lemo Connector module with Power jack, Lemo (USB and Serial) and USB A Host for CS10 and CS15 field controller 1
SPF01. Anti - glare display foils for CS10 or CS15 field controller. 1
MSD1000, industrial grade SD memory card 1GB for GS10/GS15 receiver and CS10/CS15 field controller 1
GEB212, Lithium Ion battery, 7.4V / 2.6Ah, chargeable 4
GHT62, Pole holder base plate for CS10 and CS15 field controller. 1
GHT63, Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT62 holder to all poles. 1
GLS30, GPS telescopic carbon-fibre pole with circular bubble and 5/8" screw, snaplocks at 2,00m 1
GKL221, Charger PRO. To be used with up to two charging adapters GDI221 or GDI222, Charger cable and net adapter included. 1
GDI221, Adapter for GKL221 for charging 2 Li-Ion batteries GEB221, GEB211. 2
GEV237, cable 1.65 m, to connect GNSS receiver to Lemo port on a field controller. 1
GEV234, 1,65m USB connection cable, (Lemo to USB A) 1. to connect field controller to GNSS receiver for data transfer. 2.) USB data transfer between GNSS receiver to PC 3.) USB data transfer between CS09 or CS10/CS15 (with Lemo CBC01 Connector module) to PC. 1
GVP656,Hard container for GS12 SmartAntenna, CS10/CS15 field controller and accessories for a SmartPole setup and SmartStation setup. 1

GS12 Software options with a Viva CS field controller
CS/GS12 Network RTK Network License for Viva CS field controller, which eanbles the GS12 receiver to work within an RTK network. Includes unlimited RTK baseline. 1
CS/GS12 GLONASS License for the Viva CS field controller, which enables use of GLONASS with a GS12 receiver. 1
CS/GS12 5 Hz License for Viva CS field controller, which enables to compute 5Hz positions with a GS12 receiver. 1
CS/GS12 RINEX Logging License for Viva CS field controller, which enables logging of RINEX data with a GS12 receiver. 1

SmartWorx Viva Software for CS field Controller
SmartWorx Viva license key 1
Viva application "COGO Area Division" 1
Viva application "DTM Stakeout" 1
Viva application "Reference Line" 1
Viva application "Reference Plane and Face Scan" 1
Viva application "RoadRunner" 1
Viva application "Survey Cross Section" 1
Viva application "Surface and Volumes" 1

Office Software
Leica Geo Office GNSS RTK Bundle (Node-locked) 1

  • Model: 6005577
  • Manufactured by: Leica

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